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Retirement living aboard our ocean liners can be very interesting when you retire, and cost effective.

The lowest cost residential property to live aboard for one month annually on level V is $16,026.65 inclusive of maintenance fees.

If you averaged owning this property over a 20 year period this would be $801.33 for roughly a month each year (28 Days).  Total accommodation pricing in the initial year would be $28.62 per day.  Much less than what it would cost to live on or retire on a cruise ship, but why would you want to.  This is a one bedroom and bathroom condo type residence with a kitchenette, totaling 325 square feet.  Much larger than most cruise ship cabin accommodations.  This is the accommodation only expense.  For a couple living onboard by the month as a part time resident, the price would be $400.67 per person, or $14.31 per day, if two persons were residing.  This is with our annual fractional ownership programs.

Cruise Resorts 1 bedroom ocean liner residence, 1 - 4 piece bathroom, a kitchenette, living room and dinette,

View 325 sq ft Home Floor Plans

There are many items inclusive in the maintenance costs, and items that are not included.  Food and beverages are additional, but you have the option of being able to buy groceries at the grocery store on deck O, visit the restaurant choices on decks I and J, visit the eateries at the promenade shopping center, order room service from hotel services, or eat at one of the restaurants at our destinations.  If you decide to cook meals at home, the kitchenette is there for your convenience, or you can charter a chef from one of our international restaurants to prepare meals for you.

Healthcare coverage is additional, but there is a complete hospital onboard to look after any medical or health care concerns wherever we travel.

Life on our luxurious liners will be comfortable and convenient.  When you own a home, one of our resort club residences, or property at our resorts for business, you don't have to do anything.

The inclusive maintenance fees look after every detail of the property, and include many features that are exclusive to your ownership.

You can look at properties for sale in Florida, properties for sale in the Caribbean, or property anywhere in the world, and you will find that our luxury liner properties have the highest value for your money.

Years ago our development group considered the rebuilding and refitting of retired ships into condo and apartment units, but these ships were retired for a reason.  The cruising lines that were operating these boats knew they were no longer fit for the seas, and with rising fuel prices, the expenses to operate would not be feasible.

This is just one of many reasons why we are building our new luxury liners with the extensive use of alternative and renewable fuel sources.  Solar power, wind power, and other forms of hybrid energy sources to supply electricity.  We are also building our liners with a twin hull.  Two parallel hulls that provide more than double the comfort compared to single hulls, and more room.

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